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Here's Why the Ferrari F355 Is (Almost) My Favorite Ferrari


THANKS TO LEGEND CAR COMPANY: http://www.legendcarcompany.com/

The Ferrari F355 is my favorite Ferrari... almost. I drove this 1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta to explain exactly what I mean.

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t s : Looks like a cross between mk2 MR2 and lotus esprit
3Storms : It's an historical benchmark car with being the first non-F1 to have the dual-clutch paddle-shift automatics that everyone now copies.
downsouth504 : Yeah, it’s still not an F40. Ferrari never could top that one.

Btw, there was also a Competizione version, which of course was a trim level for the race track. I noticed Doug forgot to mention that one when he listed trim levels.
Max Durden : Slotting that gear into that gate is the most perfect feeling you'll ever have? Dude you need to get laid.
yomama mama : i love cars but i’m not entertained by the sound the alarm makes lol

Is This Ferrari 355 Spider A Better Car Than The Desirable Coupe?

This Ferrari 355 is not the most desirable spec at first glance, being a convertible and an automatic. But summer is finally on its way, so for this time of the year is this actually a great spec 355 to have?

If you want to buy this car you can contact Metin on his instagram account @m3tln

Check out Scott’s channel! https://youtube.com/c/Ratarossa
Richard Carter : Wonderful. All F355s are great. I've run my early manual for over 12 years now. The noise, the feeling, no driver aids, you can even switch off the ABS. Very, very special. One of the greatest Ferraris.
Malc Holden : I had a Giallo F355. That engine is surely one of the best ever.
Build Indian : No Ferraris are problems..the owners who cannot afford them are the problem
John Phaceas : So how does that F1 trans go on hill starts? No-where near the same, but when my Alfa was in the workshop a while back, they gave me a loaner, an early 156 fitted with the first iteration of Alfa's selespeed transmission. Nearly rolled straight into the front of the car behind me while caught at traffic lights on a steep incline, when the lights turned green. Luckily he was sitting a ways back and I had time to yank the hand-brake. I never realised you basically had to left foot brake in the bloody thing if you weren't on level ground. I believe Saab's "Sensonic" trannies had a similar foible.
Motorsport Legends : Oh that sound! Intoxicating to say the least.

Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust F1 Style Sounds | Auto Fanatic

Ferrari F355 Exhaust Sounds Enjoy the F1 Scream. Capristo Exhaust NEXT!
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Mark Potappel : Awsome to see and obviously hear that you're actually using the car
kevin ori : Great vid, car sounds fantastic! Now I REALLY can't wait until spring! This was just what my soul needed after being cooped up in the house this long cold winter. Thank you!
Rob SX : Wow that sounds awesome. 355 and 328 best looking ferraris in my opinion
minatormyth : Well that was quite outstanding
That was not standard exhaust set up was it, never heard a standard system sound like that
That's the best microphone set up I have heard, really shows the sounds crystal clear.
Sound quality is way better than in my video, and mine is quite infamous. Bravo




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